Sauk Trail on 17

Sauk Trail on 17.



There was an episode of “Home Improvement” where Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor said to his wife, “Men cook with fire, woman cook with magic.”  The barbeque has been a staple in food cookering since the dawn of man.  Even the most manly, weight lifting, Harley driving, beer guzzling, beard growing, Lynyrd Skynyrd listening human that wouldn’t even step foot in a kitchen and julienne a leak would act like Bobby Flay when put in front of a Smoky Joe.  In Elkhart we now have one of these restaurants where you can leave your home grill cold and come enjoy some real barbeque at any time of the year.  Once upon a time while I was a regular at the now defunked “Beef O Brady’s” on CR 17, a new building was being erected on the corner.  It stood vacant for a long time until a steakhouse started to move in and be called Indigo on 17.  We were all exited at Beefs to get a new steakhouse in town, but when the place opened the reviews were mostly negative.  The food had low quality and a high price.  The interior had tried to be elegant, but was perceived more as stuffy.  This place wouldn’t last long as the economy diminished.  A couple of towns over in a magical place called Union, there was a small barbeque joint that satisfied the barbeque needs of the Unionites.  Unfortunately, sometime during the night a dragon or something had come along and set the place on fire and the building lay ruin in ashes. As Indigo needed some quality food and Sauk Trail needed a location to serve its quality food, the two teamed together to form Sauk Trail on 17 and now will live happily ever after or something.  Well, it still needs some time to combine to form a single restaurant.  Most barbeque places are very informal and consist of picnic benches with plastic tablecloths.  This place retains the stuffiness of Indigo, which makes it a weird place to get rib sauce all over your shirt.  But the barbeque is top quality and hopefully will stay around for a long time.



They have a burger here.  I was hoping it was a smoky barbeque burger, but it looks like a remnant of Indigo.  The burger was cooked perfectly though.  The meat was fresh and the bun was soft.  The cheese was thick and melted perfectly on the patty.  They gave me a fancy small silver bowl with ketchup for the topping.  The burger came wrapped in parchment paper, which is the only real way to serve a burger.



The cheeseburger was $9.00 and came with a side.  Although the server guessed the patty size as 8 ounces, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was bigger.  An 8 oz patty would put the burger at $1/oz, but if it is indeed larger the price would go down.  It’s a fancy place and I guess you would expect to pay fancy prices.



It is difficult to say anything bad about the burger itself.  It was large, juicy, fresh, and had a great taste.  But when anyone goes to this place, why would they order the burger?  It is a barbeque place, you should order barbeque.  If you don’t you are missing out.  The burger is one of the best in the county and would receive 5 stars, but the place is just too creepy.


Rating: ****1/2


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